‘Design for New Living’ is the soul of the Script brand. It captures the urban zeitgeist, coupled with Godrej’s design-led offerings. ‘Design’ denotes the design-led approach of the brand, cueing both the purpose-built capability, and higher aesthetic quotient and craftsmanship of the brand. ‘New Living’ denotes new practices or ways of living, that answer to challenges and aspirations of contemporary living. As the core brand idea, ‘Design for New Living’ acts as the north star for brand content—embedding a clear point-of-view within all communication.

The sonic identity of the brand, celebrates the decisive motion of the Shift motion behaviour. Global, contemporary and agile—the master soundscape has multiple layers grounded in a base staccato string that complement the pace of motion. The instrumental character of the soundscape is balanced with an electronic undertone and harp-like sounds to infuse lightness and fluidity. The combination of diverse sounds within the composition evokes the diversity and adaptability of the brand products, and appeals to a contemporary, global sensibility. The sound logo, is a distilled essence of the soundscape, and emphasises the bold pace of the logo signature animation as a standalone marker of brand.